Catalyst UI

Catalyst UI is a component library built on top of Radix UI primitives and styled with Tailwind CSS.


Catalyst UI is NOT affiliated with Tailwind Labs and Radix UI (and by extension, WorkOS) in any way. This is NOT the Catalyst that Adam Wathan talked about in his keynote at Tailwind Connect 2023. This is a passion project that I built for my own use and is NOT the upcoming UI kit from Tailwind Labs.


Catalyst UI is in early stages of development. It's not ready for production use yet (although I use it in production since I need it) and APIs may change. Feel free to modify it and use in production at your own risk. If you have suggestions on how to improve it, please open an issue on GitHub.


Catalyst UI is not exhaustive. It doesn't include all the Radix primitives yet. I'm working on supporting all of them. If you need a component that's not included, please open an issue on GitHub.


  • Built on top of Radix UI Primitives styled with Tailwind CSS
  • Goes beyond Radix UI Primitives to provide more components
  • Utility components and hooks
  • Built-in dark mode support


  • Have a base list of usable components
  • Fix library styles being overridden by nextra styles
  • Make the API and styles more consistent
  • Make docs light/dark mode work for the components
  • Implement all Radix UI Primitives
  • Fix accessibility issues
  • Add explanation for props in the docs