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Catalyst UI is a component library built on top of Radix UI Primitives, styled with Tailwind CSS to make prototyping faster.

It also comes with more than just the styled Radix UI Primitives. It builds on top of them to provide you with more components and utilities to use in your apps.

npm install @i4o/catalystui

Get Started

Example Usage

import { Button } from '@i4o/catalystui'
export default function Home() {
	return (
		<div className='flex flex-col items-center justify-center min-h-screen py-2'>
			<Button>Click Me</Button>



  • Have a base list of usable components
  • Fix library styles being overridden by nextra styles
  • Make the API and styles more consistent
  • Make docs light/dark mode work for the components
  • Implement all Radix UI Primitives
  • Fix accessibility issues
  • Add explanation for props in the docs